Common - Start The Show lyrics

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(feat. Kanye West)

[Chorus: Kanye West]

Now let's start the show show

Step out of the cold cold

We come from the 'Go, 'Go

To the top of the globe globe

The pimps and the hoes hoes

The Folks and the Stones Stones

Whoever you ride fo', we back for some mo'

Get back to the show show, you know



Uhh, uhh

Ladies and gentlemen the C-O-double-M-O-N

Synonym for fresh, truth is the emb-lem

Hardcore since I was next door to Clem and them

Cold as the winter when fake niggaz was shiverin

Shakin in they Timberlands, you was played as Bennigans

Hot for a minute, now you just a "remember him"

I been a +Master+ since P was No Limit-in

Stick a sayin, no gimmick and no mimickin

Q infinitin down old blocks are bendin in

Yellin (Fuck Tha Police) like Ren and them

Pelican brief these niggaz on who I be

Before the paper and the fame niggaz knew Rashid

Noble like Dru Ali - many have come

but few have been chose to be a true MC

You sing along wit it, inside you knowin it's wack

Young who? I don't need a openin act [echoes]





Let, let, le-le-le-le-le-let's go

It's a festival in hip-hop; we do it non-stop

Pop your bottles, Chicago niggaz do it in staccato

Choppin notes for my homies, fuck a motto

And Farragamo shoes givin dudes the model

Think fast, drive slow, survival is the throttle

Your live show is hollow, shoulda kept it local

Rappin over vocals, soundin soft as JoJo

With twelve monkeys on stage it's hard to see who's a gorilla

You was better as a drug dealer

Feel the passion of this B-boy ration-al

Half of it is what you say, and half is style

Guess it's time for you to stop cashin now

It's over folks, tell your guys to put the glasses down

Masters now, verses touch the youth like a Catholic priest

Performances keep me stackin the sheets [echoes]




"And you say Chi-City, let's go Chicago!"


"Yo, y'all can make more noise than that!"

"Get live y'all, get live y'all, ah-get live y'all

Ah-get live y'all, ay y'all can get louder than that

Louder, LOUDER!"

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