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Yeah, yeah, you know how me and 'Ye do

[Verse 1]

Real People walk in the streets, the streets is talkin'

Often it's beef this city never does

People walk and talk in they sleep

Cold sweats and wet dreams

On how to get green our faith is all in a jeep

Black souls raw and they deep

Hypes tryna talk with no teeth

Shorties sayin' ball or retreat

A lesson we all speak at one point or another

Whatchu expect from one who smoke a joint with his mother

Anointed hustlers in a fatherless region

Through the pain wish they know that God was just teachin'

We want decent homes

So dreams we say out loud like speakerphones just to keep em on

It's like a colored song that keep keepin' on

I guess knowin' I'm weak is when I'm really bein' strong

Somehow through the dust I could see the dawn

Like the Bishop Magic Juan, that's why I write freedom songs

For the real people

[Verse 2]

I wonder is the spirits of Bob Marley and Haile Selassie

Watch me as the cops be tryna and pop and lock me

They cocky, plus they mentality is Nazi

The way they treat blacks I wanna snap like paparazzi

We're the children of a better God searchin' for better jobs

We could cop ghetto cars tryin' not to catch a charge

They say the dope game is sour

Now they doin' homework that's when they follow you for hours

Come to your crib and devour all that you work for

Must be more than paper these niggaz hurt for

Through the purple haze I circle days I rhyme that work for pays

Tryna reverse the slave's mind and insert the brave mentality

Heard that it's drama at home

Can a dude break free and still get honored at home

I was told by a chief it's the games nature

When you're glowin' some will love and some will hate ya

It's real people

[Verse 3]

Black men walking wit white girls on they arms

I be mad at em as if I know they moms

Told to go beyond the surface, a person's a person

When we lessen our women our condition seems to worsen

The weary cursin' the sky

Talkin' to themselves givin' the version of why help and hurt in they eye

I live across from it, some of it I do be in

I be showin' niggaz lives

Like UPN

It's real people


For you and yours

Good music



Rock on

We keep on

Uh.. Yeah

Yeah, yeah

The real...
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