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This is a U-A rhyme, dedicate to the ca-nine 

Tch-a-ch-tchk, c'mere boy, I said it's play-time 

It's time to play with the mind of a slimmie 

I don't wanna be a freak, but it's the dog in me 

I don't pretend to be the open door roses type 

I open the door for myself, and I close it right 

in your face, now you wanna taste my food, what? 

You got your own food, get a attitude 

You get left, call the ref if you think it's foul 

I ain't tryin to hear that, so have a Coke and a smile 

Cause after awhile, I'ma wanna get BUCKwild 

And now months laters, I'ma say it ain't my child 

I'm sterile girl, we ain't never did nothin 

Cause only you and I know that the Common Sense is bluffin 

Little Miss Muffett, that's how the ball bounces 

Sorry you gotta bounce the ball eight pounds and two ounces 

That's how I'm livin, just like a rottweiler 

When I was a shorty, I was a lot wilder 

But then I got milder, and settled down with a harem 

and when I can't bear em, I share em 

You see it's like no, pass it off, pass pass the puss 

I ain't a nerd, but WE'VE GOT BUSH 

So cut the bush brat, and let's move it like a U-Haul 

Forget the grindin shit, I ain't tryin to get the blueball 

Brrrrrrrrap bump me child, I'm speakin upon the nitty gritty 

I'm a dog -- HERE KITTY KITTY 


Zippidy-doo-dah, a zippidy-zippidy-day 

Unzip your zipper baby, and come my way 

I'm Jack the Ripper, na-nah not Jack Tripper 

Cause Three is not Company when your other two friends are thicker 

So come one friend, come two friend, come all 

United we stand, divide your legs so I can fall 

in your bowl of cherries, Kerrie is so very 

thick thicker than the Dick Tom and Harry 

Tom and Jerry (WHAT?) A Woody Woodpecker 

You need body work, I work that body, I'm a bodywrecker 

Intersector, I'm the nectar plus the plum 

I manage to take advantage, cause some of these hoes are so dumb 

If you got some, just an eensy BIT of game 

then it's safe to say it's that bet you can get a dame 

I shoot, aim the same game, yo obedientally 

Tell em that I get the drawers come off immediately 

Here comes a nut slut, and we can do the Beat Street strut 

and be that I'm a mutt -- so what? 

No but if's or maybe baby, look who's talkin to 

It's true when I'm drunk I might bone anything that's walkin 

down the street, watchin ladies 

Nobody's watchin you, because you got a baby 

I ain't tryin to be a stepfather so I don't bother 

Word to mommy dearest, I look farther 

Down the road, to a road not taken 

I'm tired of all these same bitches, I need to take care 

a new flower, so Joe can take a shower 

and get wet, and then jet 

like ahhhh, seven-forty-seven 

I tell the girls my number 7-7-7-ninety-three-eleven 

Then I'm steppin, so when they call me, you'll hear 

"Is Common there?" Uh-uh, sorry 

you got the wrong number, if you wonder I'm the lumberjack 

Choppin down the cherry tree and never comin back 

It's like that and it'll be like that 

Because a dog is a woman's best friend black
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