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(Yeah, Love is Love.

God is Love.) 3X 


How beautiful Love can be / 

On the streets love is hard to see / 

Its a place I got to be / 

Loving You is Loving Me.

How beautiful Love can be / 

On the streets love is hard to see / 

Gotta reach that frequency / 

Loving You is Loving Me.

1st Verse:

Yeah, you know what love is / 

Even found it on the ground where the thugs live /

My man had to dig deep to find his / 

Couldn't sleep cause on the real he had 5 kids /

Live nigs, real niccas express and chase it / 

In crap games, black dames and big faces /

Cases in court, Fam showing loving support / 

You and your baby's mom thought that Love was a sport /

As men we were taught to hold it in / 

That's why we don't know how ‘til we older men /

If Love is a place, Ima go again / 

At least now, now I know to go within /

At times it can take ya for a spin / 

Heartbreak hotel then you're home again /

I seen Love make a nicca soul pretend/ 

like a story that he don't want to end /


2nd Verse: 

It's all Love where we come from / 

In the hood Loved we was told to run from / 

That same hood where the gun sung / 

We holla Love hoping it become one / 

Crack got so many lives undone / 

From lack of Love many hide, some run / 

I knew this girl with a son who dreamt of acting in plays / 

Demonstration with a man had her trapped in a maze /

Tryin to find herself to regain much of that she had gave / 

Love can free us to which some react as a slave / 

Funny, we love em more when they relaxed in a grave /

Wonder if a thug is raw, or is he acting afraid? /

Everybody loves somebody but I attract shade /

Heard of the love of money, but compassionate pays / 

Talk about it with my youth so she understand / 

What it is to be loved by a man. (Unnh!)


3rd Verse:

Some say that I'm a dreamer cause I talk about it often / 

Seen the hardest niccas soften with his homie in a coffin /

We walk in, stand and fall in it / 

With the right companion, we all in it / 

Mary sang a song about it /

Having broad limits in the game of life /

It's the scrimmage / 

Reminiscing on letters I wrote in my small days / 

A letter to the people.. “Love always”!!


Outtro 4X

Love is Love

Love your Mother.

Love your Sister

God is Love

Love your Father

Love your Brother 

God is Love.

Love is Love.
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