Common - It's Your World (Part 1 &; 2) lyrics

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It's Your World Lyrics

Verse 1

Night blows, stoves don't work.

Hoes at work.

Glorious, so I wear 'em on my shirt.

Wish I was free as che was

I spend the day buzzed

Trippin off hypes,

wishin for nights in different flavors.

The age of Cain and Big Daddy

(in big) body Caddies,

Uncles named Larry

that really never grabbed me.

My mother gave birth

but she really never had me.

Left to the hood to play daddy.

Raised by niggas named 

Butch, Boo and Be-Be

With wieght, so they weigh they,

status on the streets,

license plates that say they


This is Chicago in the hay-day

Similar to Good Times,

I guess that I was Jay-Jay.

A skinny nigga

Young girls with penny figures

So many niggas

stacked upon each other

It's the black upon each other

that we love so much

Wonder how many of us

is drugs gon' touch.

Used to gangbang,

aint really thug that much

rather have some thick broads

and a dutch to clutch.

Went to school in Baton Rouge 

for a couple of years

my college career got down

with a couple of beers.

Came back home

now I gotta pay back loans

same niggas, same blocks

same shit they on.

Only thing different quicker

they click that chrome

in my defense

yo, I had to hit that zone.

Man to man

I'm good workin' with my hands

My generation never understood

workin' for the man.


of being broke, I aint a fan

now I stand in the same spot

as my old man.

My life I planned

not to be on this corner

I still wanna see California,

But this is my world.


It's your world (yeah) (It's your world, your world)

It's your world (It's your world)

It's your world (Oh, it's your world, your world)

It's your world (Yeah)

Verse 2

Life and death blow around us

Four-pounds and pounds

a verb from out-of-towners

it's hard to stay grounded.

We stay high

that's why old-folks down us

Lost, nobody found us

The force that surrounds us.

Aint wit us

they get us on the ground and hit us

we paint pictures of the change

under they names and scriptures.

Removed from Earth

only to return through birth

Knew this girl, sellin' her body

wish she knew what it was worth.

Between God and trash

Lookin' in every car that pass

With a walk that suggests head).

To milk niggas, she was breast fed

She know dairy,

so she say cheese to get bread.

In the ar-e (area) where it's

more weaves and less dreads

Kind of scary

amongst theives and baseheads.

Said it was her toes,

but I could tell her soul hurt, 

she was cold turk

growin' up she got to know hurt very well.

In the world where 

self-hate is overt

Her step-father thought he was ike

so her mother he'd strike

She got to like like-minded niggas

who like crimes and figures

Doin' white lines and liquor

See hard times and kicked her.

In the ass

it used to be thicker

life is fast

some choose to be quicker.

I remember in high school

she had a passion to sing

now she see herself

in a casket in dreams.

These are the children of crack and rap

Blacks that lack


yo we forgot the dream.

On our Jeffersons ya'll

but we forgot the theme

in the Chi

we even rootin for a garbage team.

This queen,

never seen herself on this corner

She still wanna see California

But this is her world.

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