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[scratches] Inhale 

I breathe deep 

Like an old man in a deep sleep 

Or an Indian peace pipe 

Identity be 

The beginning, the end, the first, the last 

Breathe into infinity 

A verse that lasts 

Got a chick in the south that be cursin' fast 

When it was she tried a nigga nurse it last (?) 

The hunger of a homeless 


Played the game - it got a bonus 

Man is the plan 

The master like Tiger 

So much is the drive 

I am the definition of a rider 

Daughter's name means survivor 

From a tribe-a 


Just one word can't describe her 

A scribe of the streets 

And a good life that we all wanna reach 

I'm hotter than a beach 

Flow is so deep 

Even underwater 

I can inhale to bring the world in order 

[scratches] Inhale

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