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Yeah! Hah! Yeah, we got, come on

Y'all cats know the abstract nigga with the attitude

Pass the booze, and let's build on it

I'm rolling in a Cadillac with the grill fronted

I ain't even smoke no mo' but I feel blunted

Yo I'm tokin on the freedom

Stepping to the A.M., cats be tokin in the P.M.

Tell the players I'm the G.M.

Told my team let me get my plays straight, I'ma feed them

They need me like I need them

See the streets is bleedin

Had to meet with my mind and ? to be defined and

Stay on my climb

I'm grind - ing, 'til I get blue balls

Everyday, same shit new star

Don't make me act like where I come from because he grew tall

There's a place that to run from it if you neu - tral

Hustlers and vogues, customers and smokes

I kiss the sky feeling high off the stuff that I wrote

[Chorus (x2)]

I want to ride in my car, smoke my weed

Keep my head high, let the chrome spin

I got the right to feel hood

I got the right to feel high

I got the right to feel hood

I got the right to feel high


I'm the only cat in hip hop that can go into a thrift shop

Connect, get up to the ghetto and get props

If you gonna get that kick-a-box

Make sure that ? not

If you gonna get that glock don't be scared to big shot

Hip Hop is changin, y'all want me to stay the same?

Sorta like Barkley on how I see the game

I recognize game like a scout

Ayo, I'm bound to wreck your lady as I turn your lady out

I ain't about that

Messing with no other man's women

Because of jealousy then a man go under

Understand a man and his mental

Listening to Joan Mitchell

With the fan and the window

Can it be so simple then?

I rock Rockports, you rock Timberlands

I want a Rover, but I'm thinking long range

I ain't switch over, I just made my own lane



Like a pimp to a hoe I connect to the track

I feel it in my neck and my back

A thug came to me, said it changed his life

Said the love of his life, he used to bang to the light

I'm trying to do better

I ain't claiming Mister Right

I'm a grown man, I'm too old to fist-fight

I stay on point like trick dice

Tweeking like the sound man who need to switch mike

Sounding bitch like

I know the block is hot, but we just can't get ice

When our children's children sit nice?

I sing the song to make the fiend's strong

King Kong ain't got shit on me

I train days to rip emcees, I'm peaking

But I still gotta get that cheese

You on some monkey ball damn chimpanzees

Mobbin through the Chi-Town to feel the breeze yo

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