Common - Electric Wire Hustler Flower lyrics

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feat. Sonny (P.O.D.))



[Chorus (x8)]

Electric! Wire! Hustle! Flower!


Blood and magic dripping from me

True thugs and addicts I grip an entry

Enter this game with tricks and envy

I forget game to remain an emcee

Rooms in this mind that's still empty, only fufilled through prophecy

You stoppin me, you see I'm tryin to catch this plane

You must be slow nigga, catch your brain

It's fresh, but it is some stress and pain

Got hos?, Ho nigga respect the game

I talked to cab drivers about the fast lane

And Islam, masters and shakras? and beyond

Think about the hustle and somehow I see by

But what led it to the concrete, BS be strong

You was at your hardest when you didn't even try

Live like a bitch, to bitch you gonna die

[Chorus (x4)]

Electric! Wire! Hustle! Flower!


Mercury and retrograde, I'm trying to get niggas in the ghetto paid

While they watch pornos and Escalades, away from floats and the dope in sex 


Somebody screamin in my mind, I'm tryin to find if it's me

Or voices on the master, they desgin to be free

Same revolt, can't be found on TV, or radio, its livin in me

Hey lady, that smoke is bothering me

If I put it in your eye, ashes you would cry

All this rap talk is blowing my high

I just came to chill and build with my guy

I try to walk but I stumble off the humble path

This story of a pimp stick that became a staff

You got it, you gotta know where to aim the Mag

Art and oppinions are made to clash

[Chorus (x4)]

Electric! Wire! Hustle! Flower!


Out of body hard to explain, like the pyramids and gods I remain

I know pain, like Kurt Cobain, or A.I. playin hurt the whole game

Dig it to the Earth's brain for worst gain

Focused like young blood on his first chain

I used to write shit to please niggas

Now I write shit to freeze niggas

Whether iced out, or American Pie sliced out

I sit in the room with the lights out

Whether diced out, or with their hair spliced out

I sit alone in the room with the lights out screamin

[Chorus (x8)]

Electric! Wire! Hustle! Flower!
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