Common - Baby I'm Selfish lyrics

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"Baby I'm Selfish"
Common feat. Kanye West

[Chorus: Common]
I'm callin' (baby i'm selfish)
Out to  (I want you to myself I can't help it)
All my (baby i'm selfish)
Your my ladies and
I can't (baby i'm selfish)
Let you (I want you to myself I can't help it)
Be with (yeah), no one (yeah)
But me baby

[Verse 1: Common]
To all my thick chicks down in Texas
All the way to New Orleans where the girls cook catfish
And in L.A. every chicks an actress.
Hollywood statis with the shaded glasses
To Detroit, yeah the place that I rest
Where the ladies got asses and la la #@*!
And Hot'lanta yall is one of the best
Where they speak southern slang and smoke lases
And New York women are way too fresh
Too much on ya mind let me ease that stress
I wish you all were mine it's so selfish
Maybe i'm feelin' myself too much I guess.
To my ladies all across the globe
In small towns that I don't even know
To all local and international codes
Whether you see me in streets or catch me at shows


[Verse 2: Kanye West]
And don't be tryna come around my girl
Actin' like Mr. Friendly
And steal the spot light like Mr. Bently
I spotted her like soil Mckenzie
And for them fake boobies I paid them bengiez
Get your own ??
I got Paris, he got Nickie
He tried to get him a clone
He said "Yeah, you know you got extra hoes."
And everything you do is extra cold
From the Polo fleece, to the Jesus piece
I got family in high places like Jesus niece
Can I please say my peace
If you fresh to death and i'm deceased
And this one here is a heat rock
Spit like the beat-box
The way the beat rock
New version of Pete Rock
Before that Benz I got CL love
I switch my girls around like 3LW
I'm callin'


[Verse 3: Common]
What up Pam, how ya lil' man doin' in New Jersey
Last I heard he caught the flu and you was worried
Hope he feels better and thanks Jonetta from Cleveland
For that good head in your Jetta, better believe it
Shanise, you my peace from Compton
Before i'm off the plane make sure you cop some trees to spark up
Daniel ATL, got them pictures in the mail
You sent it with a kiss and you ceiled it with Chanel
You look good in that one showing off your body
Had a Beverly Hills mami that would buy me Cardi
Take you to after parties her name was Kari
And it sucks that we didn't keep in touch i'm sorry
But, hey Kim hows Mineapolis
You so pretty hate to ?? your ass for silly classes
Cuz I love you girlz, though you ain't mine
I wish my arms was long enough to hug you all at the same time

[Chorus 2x's]
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