Common - 1-9-9-9 lyrics

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(featuring Sadat X & Talib Kweli)  

"Still gettin mine, in the" "ONE" "NINE" "NINE" "NINE" 

*sample cut and played in background*

[Talib Kweli]

Yo, just relax, take it easy slow down

I had this, I had this friend of mine

Who just, you know, he was movin too fast, yaknawimsayin?

I told him to slow down, he said the sun don't chill

I said, I said still, I said still, you gotta

Just appreciate life, sit back, don't let it fly right past you

No matter what go on I'm still gettin mine

No matter the year, no matter the place, no matter the time


Check it, it's like I'm fightin for freedom, writin for freedom

These record company niggas I don't like when I see em

My ancestors, when I'm writin I see em, and talk wit em

Hopin in the promise land I can walk wit em

Shitted on, so many rappers it's like I'm in the stall wit em

Molest concepts, start rhythm, paid dues, bought wisdom

As legends fall my godmother answer heaven's call

Preachers' daughters get fucked in the reverand's hall

MC's reckless ?I ball? why y'all wanna go and do that?

Must've thought I was solo, the name just ain't the U-Ac

No mo', still together

Like in the ghetto photo wit one nigga in the chair

Holdin liquor in despair, gang signs in the air

I shine in spaces where time is just a glare

Hold the mic like a memory

Niggas say I'm nice wit metaphors but these are similes

Street ministry, my poetry's a penitentiary, track is visitation

Sentences is life, I'm like chief up in this demonstration


"Still gettin mine, in the" "ONE" "NINE" "NINE" "NINE" 

*sample cut and played in background 4X*

[Sadat X]*in background during sample*

Check it out, everyday ha yeah

This how we gon' do it for y'all

Common Sense, Sadat X puttin something in your ear

Something for you to grab

For the whole world, yaknowimsayin, but it ain't free

It's a fee, check it out

You squirm wit this coughin, whippin cough

Six days of madness and you might throw me off

On this great ball of stress that they call the earth

I'ma show y'all in rhyme just how much shit I been through

And all the place I went to, always played the low

It's like a competition, this mission here I'm tellin you

Slip up and rhyme-ass niggas here is fellin you

Crash courses, slow down you can't learn that quick

Cuz I'm the dead eye, wit the red eye, from Chi to L-I

I thought y'all knew, every year I grew, I'm still growin

And in a year or two I hope my girl'll be showin

A male seed, praise God I name him Moses

I lead people I want him to, that's why I chose this

Now is the glass half-full or half-empty

Common, why they tempt me?

The king of the simply, bore in mic

I always stay on top cuz I give niggas what they like

I know y'all hate that why I feel I owe y'all everyday

If y'all hear it a thousand times, it's gon' be the same way

The 'Dat-Father, go farther, why bother

Now I'm a peaceful man, I don't want no stress

You know I'm still...

"Still gettin mine, in the" "ONE" "NINE" "NINE" "NINE" 

*sample cut and played in background 3X*


Yo yo, some get Range Rovers, some religion change-over

Angel on my main shoulder tellin me remain sober

Token nigga, game's over ain't no payola in freestyle

In battles, I'm warring/Warren like a G-Child

Searchin for the child in me, this style in me

This release is like the piece that's now in me

They tried to 'sassinate me god, like Martin on the bal-cony

Lyrically I put a hit on em, cuz I'm the style-Nitty

Catch a flick at the Liquid Kitty

Tryin to get a chick to kick it wit me till the tilt

Told her my Chamber's like Wilt

Built wit her for a sec, let her know I had respect

Less than a hour she was givin me neck, yo I'm still gettin mine...

"Still gettin mine, in the" "ONE" "NINE" "NINE" "NINE" 

*sample cut and played in background 4X*
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