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One wa-wa One, One Two, One Two
 One tigga One, One Two, One Two

 (Dug Infinite)
 Dug Inf on production, my man Com for the discussion
 Check it

 One day, I was tryin to be myself
 The same day this thug say, "You gotta come hard"
 Nigga, times is hard, I'm tryin hard to make it
 It ain't hard to tell, it's hard for me to fake it
 Plus, it's hard to be me, its hard to stop drinkin
 I guess it's hard for hard niggaz to start thinkin
 Pussy MC's stinkin so I can't get hard
 Some, become MC's cause it's hard to get a job
 Hard for you to trust people, you don't trust in God
 Even harder to be the Gods we created to be
 This Western way of life ain't native to me
 Put one nigga in your Pulp Fiction that related to me
 I hated to be, the only race that call our women hoes
 Niggaz, be too hard to say "ho" at the shows
 I rose... like a florist to bring the flavor like a Taurus
 Might not have the murderous verse, but I stay hard to the chorus
 Took this girl to work, she saying, "Have a real job"
 Like that dick you had last night, baby, I work real hard
 Simple motherfuckers tellin me hard is criminal
 Niggaz you thought was hard, you pourin out your liquor for
 Years ago, I thought I was hard, in high school fightin
 Now, I'm the hardest man working in show business
 Handle your business or shut the fuck up

 (Dug Infinite)	It's just one two many niggaz got cars and no land
 (Common)	One two many niggaz with cash and no plan
 (Dug Infinite)	One two many niggaz that's tryin to MC
 (Common)	That's one two many niggaz comin up to me
 (both)		That's one two many niggaz
 		Just one two many niggaz (2X)
 (both)		That's one two many niggaz
 		Just one two many niggaz
 (Chuck D)	"One, two"

 Forever, I ain't gon' be rappin
 Shit'll happen to me, I gotta let niggaz know
 This mark asked me do I know his cousin Jimbo
 Nigga, I don't even know myself
 You want me to get you in
 Jack, I'm trying to get through the do' myself
 Opportunity knocked, but he ain't call 'fore he came
 Yeah, I got a name, but only twenty dollars to it
 Next album you gon' blow, but my ass, you done blew it before
 Being in my video, what's that gonna do for your life?
 Get you some pussy?  You should be gettin rump off GP
 Quit that you look like you say I seen you on TV
 I be readin niggaz but readin be makin me sleepy (Hey!)
 So strong am I, A Hundred Styles and Runnin
 Niggaz stuck on one and them-a ran by
 Claimin they fly but they stand-by
 I come truer than a dream, and youse a damn lie
 With that anti-rap, complainin about this and about that
 Sounding bitch like, that ain't gonna make a nigga get right
 I'm number one

 (Dug Infinite)	One two many niggaz tryin to tell me bout they theory
 (Common)	One two many niggaz that ain't tryin to hear me
 (Dug Infinite)	One two many niggaz doin shows that don't happen
 (Common)	One two many niggaz life depend on rappin
 (both)		That's one two many niggaz
 		Just one two many niggaz (2X)
 (both)		That's one two many niggaz
 		Just one two many niggaz
 (Chuck D)	"One, two"

 (Dug Infinite)	One two many niggaz can't find they niche
 (Common)	One two many niggaz wanna be my bitch *echoed*

 Nigga, one two many niggaz (repeat to fade
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Author: ?

Composer: ?

Publisher: Madd Rushin' Entertainment


Language: English

Appearing on: One Day It'll All Make Sense (1997)

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