Claptone - Charmer

Claptone - Charmer

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Published by: Different

Published in: 2015

Release type: Full CD

  • In the Beginning (3:30)met Nathan Nicholson (Submit)
  • The Only Thing (2:44) (Submit)
  • Dear Life (2:58)met JAW (Submit)
  • Heartbeat (5:29)met Nathan Nicholson (Submit)
  • Puppet Theatre (4:14)met Peter Bjorn and John (Submit)
  • Leave Your Light On (3:15)met Young Galaxy (Submit)
  • The Music Got Me (3:14) (Submit)
  • Anything (3:14)met JAW (Submit)
  • Party Girl (4:20)met Jimi Tenor (Submit)
  • Your Body in the Rain) (3:17)met Bavanandan (Submit)
  • No Eyes (4:02)met JAW (Submit)
  • Ghost (3:23)met Clap Your Hands Say Yeah (Submit)
  • I Write Your Name (3:41)met Jay-Jay Johanson (Submit)
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