Cirque Valentin

Cirque Valentin - Club Tido

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see you standing
looking at me
your eyes turn away
so shy
but i will make you
loosen up like
your mine

tonight my girls will make you
feel like a king
it's time for coca cola
this one's on me
I see you tryin'
but i bet the dancemoves
in your bedroom
are so fly
get comfortable
I will make you
loosen up like your mine

lets go to the club tido
You'll feel alright in our club fo sho
everybody in the club tido
Will feel alright in the club fo sho

who's that guy shining on the dancefloor
he's lookin allright
i never saw him before
but i think you should give it a try
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Author: ?

Composer: ?

Publisher: dox records


Released in: 2014

Language: English

Appearing on: On Pleasure Island (2014)

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