Cirque Valentin

Cirque Valentin - Boarding School Breakout

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Everytime that the boy was playing,

felt like a voice in my head was saying


we should be changing the way we roll

And everytime that the boss was saying

silence the voice in your head that's saying

Yeah we shouldn't live life by the book..


We are done sweepin all the floors

let's get on to another

course of life

Let it go 'n get wild outside

Cause we dig the party that never ends

Go out dancing with all our friends

that's right

Tear the roof off every night


Feelin like my mind's exploding

I want you to feel the same

Dim the lights I'll make you smile 

So much fire in my body  

I think I'm overflowing

Bursting like a vulcano
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Author: Cirque Valentin

Composer: Valentijn Bannier, Paul Willemsem

Publisher: dox records


Released in: 2014

Language: English

Appearing on: On Pleasure Island (2014)

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