Chevelle - Wonder Whats Next

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it sometimes feels like a burden
i want to succeed
is this a good quality i wonder whats next
nothing more and more its an animal
waithing to be seen
faced with someone's failures
a sickening sight indeed indeed indeed
in the beginning it seems that no one
thinks beyond having fun which is why
you write music in the first place always
moving refinning pushing forward the art
that one's creating looking to the right
time to share it and then the headaches
of criticism senior advisors unseen people
above twisting and distorting that which we
love and never ending problems with
money holding you back preventing progress
i thought you only started cause it was fun
we play the blaming game
yes i mind its not  your turn
i wonder
i wonder whats next
cause we play the blaming game
yes i mind its not your turn
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Author: ?

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Language: English

Appearing on: Live from the Road (2003)

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