Charlie Musselwhite

Ben Harper & Charlie Musselwhite - No Mercy In This Land

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What would be the first thing
You'd say to the Lord
And the last thing you would dream
If you couldn't dream no more
Won't you please help me to understand
Is there no mercy in this land

Followed the river 'til the river ran dry 
Followed my lover 'til we said goodbye 
Followed you through soldiers
Who fire on command Is there no mercy in this land

These days I speak in whispers
Travel only to and from
Come close you'll see the red
Of a well bitten tongue
The righteous and the wretched
The holy and the damned
Is there no mercy in this land

Father left us down here all alone
My poor mother is under a stone
With an aching heart and trembling hands Is there no mercy in this land
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Author: Ben Harper

Composer: ?

Publisher: Ben Harper


Released in: 2018

Language: English

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