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Chad Kroeger - Hero Ver7 guitar tab

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I got this by watching the music video.

Hero by chad kroger and josey scott

Am                    F5        Am                     F5
Im so high, I can see heaven    Im so high, I can hear heaven

       G5         A5                B5
Oh but heaven  no heaven, dont hear meeeeeeeeee.

         {palm silent}      G5                   A5
Chrous: And they say that a hero can save us  Im not gonna stand

         Bsus                       G5                  A5
here and wait,   Ill hold on to the wings of a hero and watch as

the world flies awayyyyyyyyyyy.

Am                                       F5   Am
Someone told me that love would all save us.  but how can that

                      F5                        G5            A5
be, look at what love gave us.  A world full of killing and blood
spilling they're world never came.

Chorus:G5, A5, Bsus

 Solo:G5, A5, Bsus, G5 A5 B5
{palm silent} G5                    A5                    Bsus
Now that the world is in envy its love that Im sending to you

             G5                 A5                      B5
Its in the love of a hero and thats why I feel it wont doooooo

Chorus:G5, A5, Bsus   G5 A5 B5
 {palm silent}
                                                                                          G5                             A5
and they're watching us {watchin} they're watching us {watchin}as
they fly awayy.x3
                     B5      G5     A5                 Bsus
Ending: ............away eh yah eh yah  wooo ohhh wooo wooooooooo

Am e____________     F5 e____1______    G5e___3______
   a_____________       a_____3_____      a____5______
_  d______2______       d______3______    d_____5_____
   g_____2_______       g_______2_____    g______4____
   b____1_______-_      b____________     b___________
   e____________        e____________     e___________

A5 e_____5______    Bsus e____7______   B5 e_____0_____
   a_____7______         a____9_____ _     a_____2_____
   d_____7______         d____9_______     d_____3_____
   g_____6______         g____8______      g_____3_____
   b___________          b__________       b__________
   e___________          e__________       e__________

This is the first tab I ever created. Please tell me if this is correct. I learned this by ear.
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Monday 31st of March 2003 05:07

Pretty Good. However, if you want to play along with the CD you have to start in Bm. Thanx for the lyrics. I already had the rest. Well Done man, keep it up.