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Céline Dion - A Song For You lyrics

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I couldn't live
I couldn't live without your love
For one kiss
I would give everything up
There's no words that can describe
What I feel deep inside
So I'll let this song say all 

Then I hope you'll understand
Once you've listened till the end 

Heard the music in my head
So before I could forget
I start singin' yes I was singin'
This song for you
Just made up the words 

Na na na na oh oh oh yeah
My heart wrote the melody
I am singin' this song for you
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Author: Anders Bagge / Aldo Nova / Robert Wells

Composer: ?

Publisher: Sony BMG Music Entertainment


Released in: 2007

Language: English

Translations: German , French , Dutch

Appearing on: Taking Chances (2007) , Ultimate Box (2008)

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