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[sampled song "The Awful Truth" by Carole King]

Dear Academy, take note!

I should get, the Oscar vote

If I don't, I'll bite your throat!

Signing off now, quote unquote


Yo, nominated for being underrated; we made a name for ourselves

but I guess Common was the only one that made it

I clapped when he won his award

Him and Black Eyed Peas and them, we was on the same tour

And DMX too, you my dawg for life (rrrrrrrrr)

I feel for you, I wanna see you get yours tonight

Mos Def you on the screen now, followin your dreams now

Me you and Spike Lee used to sit and freestyle

I said two words, they both got bleeped out

If you ever need me again, just reach out

I got poseurs that belong on posters

Pour out all my emotions and double what the gross is

Everybody in the box office know the flow sick

I wanna thank Nottz, the producer that chose 'Bis


[acceptance speech]

I wanna thank my mother, I wanna thank my brother

For makin the film, cause all the support was very important

From the beginning I got fans and, y'know cult members

That never let me down from day one - I'm just inebriated to be here

I wanna thank you all


Yo, I don't wanna bite nobody's throat, I just want smoke

Yo pass the 'dro nigga; yo, I can't believe

I'm sittin with Don Cheadle, Denzel and Russell Crowe man

Dave Chappelle yo I really liked your show man

Ice Cube, yo he in the next room man

D12, me and them struck a pose man! {shhh, shhh be quiet}

With Slim Shady, yo this must be a omen! {shhhhhhhh shut up}

I think I'm 'bout to go platinum, I'M EXPLODIN! {shhh you're too loud}

I'm a fool man, what I'm 'sposed to do man

Red & Meth, "How High Part II" man

Bokeem Woodbine bump me in his hood all the time

I wanna say peace, I'm a fan of yours brah

I seen Hov' on a hundred foot boat

At the Cannes Film Festival with Sophie and Cope'

And Scarlett Johansson, she was with her man friend

"Lost in Translation," number one smash hit

(And now, introducing, Can-I-BUSSSSSS!)

Yo, I'm in the game now, I ran "8 Miles"

I ain't the same old nigga with the same style

The lifestyle of Jermaine is my brainchild

Jermaine's really like the black John Wayne (WOW)

Or James Caan, negotiatin some rhymes for the Don

I ain't seen my niggaz in so long (so long)

We did a short film, "4,3,2,1"

It was hot back then when it was new, but

I did this other film, "Gone Til November"

Me and Wyclef was in the trenches together

I did a big movie with him, he put me on soundtracks

Back then, I didn't understand the music business

Every agent found it hard to find me

In the backwoods of Holly, rehearsin my hobby

Shoutout to R.O.C. and State Property

I was inside the beast, shoutout to DMP, peace


Killa Khan, Sha, Black & Deco, my nigga Star

Nottz, what?  Yeah

Throw shots, spread out your face like Botox

Nigga what?
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