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I speak at frequencies dogs would have trouble hearing
Canibus is the lyrical version of German engineering
Raw metaphors keep you high for months
Fly around the earth twice without refueling once
Ain't too many categories I could fit in
When it come to spittin
Cuz I'm overqualified for tha position
The lazer guided lyrical hybrid
Creatin scripts so sick,
I gotta arm wrestle my pen to write it
Don't get excited
cuz if I ever catch one of you motherfuckers biting
We're going to be fist fighting
So motherfucker what you want?
I have the shotgun pumped
You feel like a frog nigga, then jump.
I posess the lyrical ammo to battle
and rip any one of you warm blooded mammals to shambles.
I'll make examples of you and eat a mouth full of your crew
The type of emcee you can't outdo
i'll battle you on the net
I'll battle you in the flesh
I'll battle you over the phone you can call me collect
I'll battle you for the respect
I'll battle you over the (pause)
I'll battle you over a blank check
I'll battle you with a gun to my neck
I'll battle you standing over the toilet with my dick out
i'll battle you juggling a hand grenade with the pin out
In a stolen car with the fin number ripped out
Drinking a Guiness Stout
doing a 360 spinout.
Yo yo
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