Canibus - 2000 B.C. (Emphasys &; Elixir Remix) lyrics

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(feat. 4 Horsemen (Canibus, Kurupt, Ras Kass, Killah Prie)

[Verse 1: Canibus]

Yo!  My offense is a mixture of Mike and Muhammad

Knock a nigga unconscious and talk shit

In bare-knuckle boxin', speed is the object

Weavin' and dodgin' with defensive blockin'

So in the ring, you cannot win

The top ten become nine dead if I ever decide to hop in

With the one-two, one-two shot to the chin

knock you out like ten shots of vodka and gin

The beautiful blend of power and strength

From the top of my head, down to where my toe cuticles end

I verbally burn a nigga

Lyrically hurt a nigga

Pull a voodoo verse on a nigga

Kennedy curse a nigga

Who can spit the words quicker than the average man?

Who can embarrass a man?

Bite you with fangs and mangle ya hands

On candid cam, the Canibus can

The Canibus can with the stamina to damage a man

[Chorus: Canibus + (Killah Priest)]

It's been a long time, I shouldn't have left you (should have never left you)

Without a strong rhyme to step to

I told y'all (C'mon!!) I roast y'all (C'mon!!)

So come on (Hold on) Hold on!!

It's been a long time, I shouldn't have left you (should have never left you)

Without a strong rhyme to step to

I told y'all (C'mon!!) I roast y'all (C'mon!!)

So come on (Hold on) Hold on!!

[Verse 2: Killah Priest]

Thieves in the temple, a priest murdered at the doorstep

He heard the hounds of horses, surround his fortress

Look down, the whole town with torches

Blood on the door knock where our lord slept

Night before the see-er saw it, so they slept nautious

Broken windows with canisters, hidden cameras

Masked man at the top of the bannister

Shattered glass everywhere, someone pushed his man down the stairs

A knife in the back with a note attached, read 'Beware'

Looked up, saw a blowin curtain, a open window

and heard the whistle of the soft air, someone screamin 'warfare'

So Solomon takes cover, a servant yells out 'the bitch is cursed

don't touch her', but he trusts her, he also loves her

Cause her to hold the sharing, his bright morning star

His lil' way out the valley, a spy cut her throat inside a dark alley

Someone knocked his daughter off a balcony, bloodshed in Galilea

The cowardly flee to the hills of Cabrera

Thieves of a hundred gates, the queen of cities

No one shows pity, flyin spirits, floatin demons, fallen saints

Soldiers walkin by their ranks, service of the East gate, scared to drink

What would our leaders think? Every man lookin at each other, scared to blink

The seed inside the sanctuary, scary

Portraits of Saint Mary, with Mona Lisa

The Queen of Cheeba, strokin a cheetah

Other mid-wives sayin 'I don't like the way he treats her'

Pass the reefer, bass cheeba, Solomon judge wisely

Wisdom spoken of highly, hair knotty, ask God 'Why me?'

[Chorus: Canibus]

[Verse 3: Ras Kass]

I'm live evil, I know live people

Anxious to bang ya wit heavy metal like Magneto

Now who really on some gangsta shit?

Not every nigga with a stomach tattoo, bandana and a click homey

You ain't dope just cuz ya sniff it, I lace ya blunt with it

That just makes ya a wack rapper and a drug addict, get it

These niggaz rhyme like they AK spray shit

Sell a ki of yay shit, gotta ride, homicide, every single day shit

Get smacked in the streets by some real nigga who don't play shit

Hit the pavement screaming it's just entertainment

And that ain't it, life sucks like pedagation

My obligation, expose all ya funny bunnies

Rappers actin slash fudge packin for the money

Cuz next week if the new fad was hip hop fags

You'll find a lot of these thug niggaz in drag

[Verse 4: Kurupt]

I'm ghetto symatic, automatic static

Catatonic, supersonic, ebonic chronic addict

Astronomical when the thunder dome sinner

In the depths of the dungeon

Dangerous, disasterly

Catastrophes, metamorphis into a pit

To run and die, cracking the bricks on the walls

Camoflauge on the side of the lodge

Bout to put something up in the garage

Its time for World War 3 mufucka!

You know me Young Gotti mufucka!

I holds the microphone like a grudge

In a 'llac laid back so back the fuck up

Dis might give you a heart attack

It's real simple can't get more simple than that (than that, than that)

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