C-tec - Radiance lyrics

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Every time I see you drift away
The silence seems the same
What you really mean to me
You can fill my life with sorrow
You can take my heart apart
Say I'll never make it
You may think I live myself, I might
You can burn my mind to blazes
Take or break my vanity
Force me in a corner
You will not abuse me anymore
We will lose each other soon
And time will sweep away the pain
We know how, tell me why?
This can't go on?
A blind force, right on the source
Of our lives, we have to or we fall apart
This is not what we want
That's where we are!
I feel I see tonight
Your love fills me with fear
It's the same every time you drift away
I feel I see tonight
I wish I wasn't here
It's the same every time I see you drift away
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