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C-Rayz Walz - We Live lyrics

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[Chorus: C-Rayz Walz] 

We live! Where ya close friends die 

And they say that a man ain't supposed to cry 

We live! Amongst the stress and struggle 

And we know that the beast don't love you! 

We live! Next door to rats and gats 

And the cats in the back sellin crack 

We live! Where there's no God in the sky 

But we live cause we can't die! 

[C-Rayz Walz] 

We live, where +Heavy Metal+ ain't a rock magazine 

Not f'real, but you'll get shot down with glock magazines 

I feel, when we do good we did wrong 

Dougie got murdered in the hood, but he still lives on 

He played ball in the snow, with that bubblegoose warm 

Tryin to clap boards, without turf shoes on 

We live where the ambulance takes too long 

When your ass is on the line, like you dressed in thongs 

Be strong! The same thing I told my mother 

With blood on her shoulder, as she was holdin my brother 

We live! Where doo-rags stay under the hat 

And you don't want waves, but the bandana gotta match 

And some still rock gold, but everybody went plat' 

Lookin at the ground like YO WHASSUP WIT DAT? 

We live where some people fight fair 

Everybody got a pair of Nike Airs and police is right there 


[C-Rayz Walz] 

We live, where I could be the next man out 

And shit is really +Ludacris+ now like +Def Jam South+ 

Just l-let me know, what's ya fantasy 

Mine is to live 'til 50, with a family 

Can it all be so simple then? The instrumental ends 

On stage I kill it, with a stenciled pen 

It's not strange, how the whole thing went down 

It's a shame, everybody wanna bling chain now 

We live! Where the young ones is bigger than me 

It used to be P-A-L and Little League 

That's dead now, nobody wanna play on the block 

Everybody want rims, and a big face knot 

It's not a game, I don't coach, I watch 

From the sidelines, players be missin they shots! 

And I still clap! Cause I know how it is 

TIME OUT! We be tryin to score where we live 


[C-Rayz Walz] 

We live, where a 40 and a blunt is breakfast 

And police swerve to serve and disrespect us 

Churches gassed us, Chinese foods induce asthma 

Roaches run fast, the rats run faster 

This feeling got a few cracks, the corner's flooded 

Tell me who want it, we wake up from bad dreams runnin 

Basketball games feel like heaven 

I married the streets - Uncle Ben threw rice at the wedding 

Classic, like a slapbox festival 

Or when cats come home from doin five live federal 

Surrounded by cheese like Domino, cat be cool 

Mommy's got a gat, papi too 

Next to the liquor store, next to the church 

Cause of the verse I'm in the Vibe, next on the verbs 

Cause of the dirt in my past, I'm still grimy 

Still livin movin forward with death behind me 

[Chorus x2]
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