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C-Rayz Walz - The Essence lyrics

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For those that said I couldn't do it 

I'm here to show improvement! 


I'm Gandhi with a bulletproof vest (what?) 

Malcolm X kickin' a freestyle, whatchu expect? 

You ain't expect Martin Luther King with a gat 

Leavin a church yelling "Go back!" 

????? You know how it go fams 

Large wingspan like the son of Rodan 

Stuck between Godzilla and Bunzilla (huh?) 

Fingerhut and Fingerpaint (what?) 

Jabba the Hutt going corrupt 

You ain't ready for the twin double cypher uppercuts 

Plus, I'm off the bean curd rap 

You ain't ready for the hypodermic ginseng mat 


In the club is over the bub 

In the car is over the dub 

In the street it's beef over the slugs 

Watch out for the cheeba, it's under the rug 

And it still bug 

And I'm still wired 

And there's still electrical fire for desire 

And there's still truth for the liar 

And it's still C-Rayz with my name on the flier 

For those that said I couldn't do it 

I had to show and prove I was in tune with the music 

Jay-Z stole my blueprint for the single 

He got a copy from dingo 

?????? is killin it 

Persephone caught between Mills and Stephanie 

And Persephone, either way I'm still tracking Hades 

I never been Slim but my attitude stay Shady 

And this is beyond the wreckage 

You gotta check it 

It's more behind the method 

There's some blackin out 

???? right arm with the ham and that's about 

You better watch out: Overskilled and Underplayed 

Chicks I deal with slam like Sonja Blade 

Y'all ain't ready for the ill metaphors 

Have y'all little niggaz screamin "No, man, no" 


For those that said I couldn't do it 

I'm here to show improvement! 


Beat bangin' ya 

This is Castlevania 

I rap over your head like drats in Arabia 

Get ya mid right (right) 

Or your brain left (left) 

This is exciting life and plain death 

Extravagance, a vocal bonanza 

Vocal verbal muderer, beef in the stanza 

Mazda 626s and Crucifixes 

Rhyme patient ready for religion 

Lady on the train lookin at me idle 

Judgemental but she still holding a Bible 

I burst out into a wild freestyle 

Told her to duck and calm down 

It's an urgency to kill those that's fake 

For I flip and you press the emergency brake 

The next stop will come after the door's closin 

No leanin on the walls while I'm posin 

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