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C-Rayz Walz - Rainforever lyrics

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(feat. Bleedin Gumz)


(Rain all dayz)

(Make it Rain)

Don't be a biter, Heifer


I'm the Chupacabra

You spit flames?

So what, I'm used to lava

Let's introduce the horror

I'm calm as brother

Throwin stray bars

And quasars

To harm a fronter

That's right

Right, Right

Cause I can't be left

And you spoiled MCs

Simply will never be fresh


Less than forever is what to expect

Cause you rain all the time

It's just a nap in the birds nest

Beads of sweat form like rosaries

over my eyebrow

Then slide down

When I kill the stage in front of live crowds

To my little fans

Any bigger you'd be A.C

My slang bangs like gangs who hang in front

Of skate key lately

But it don't matter

It's like we all in the dark

'Cause of the spark

They thought you was

Gunshots in the park

Don't worry mommy they just rappin


He must have plans to wake up

All the mummies in Manhattan

I am trained

Flamin rain

Flaming rain

Raining flames

Raining flames

Reign forever baby

Raining flames

Raining flames

Flaming rain

Flaming rain

(Make it Rain)

Rain forever baby

My life

My life

Was hellified

I done ride that road of the chosen

A few has arisen

To shine bright in the night like

The rainbow light of a prism

I can make the incision

My decision is real

If I should let a snitch nigga ride

Should really be your grill

But since I'm in your whip

I decided to let you slide

I was tryna live cool

But cool don't pay the bills

And cool don't get my money right

Gotta stand out on my own

Puff my chest out like I'm grown

And fight that righteous fight

The simple words to be a man

Hey and

Stay as real as you can

From now til the day you die

And you too will live

You too will live

To say that you can reign forever

Fire flame

Flaming rain

Flaming rain

Raining flames

Raining Flames

Rain forever baby

Raining flames

Raining flames

Flaming rain

Reign forever baby

I'm a stick up kid of the worst kind


On second thought

Let me go with my first mind

Before I burst nines

Rehearse rhyme and raw truth

Forget sixteens from the eight

I show you what the fours do

I used to aim clappers

If you had chains like famed rappers

But I'm a changed man now

Your chain don't matter

A bag of magic

Slash in the trash with a hatchet

I kill verses on purposes

My notebook is a casket

To be serious with you guys

I bust metal flies and crush floors


You don't know me from the last Vulcan

You fucked raw

On instinct the next line would be

(Fuck off)

You stupid chickens ain't shit

Without my duck sauce

I scream down to the ground

And cause an uproar

The reason for this?

Well, the floors reflect Walz

Install my cingular wireless

To unplug your mind

For 9.99

You could add a line

The Angel from Anaheim

Feel Walz in Pantomime

Next time

We'll rock

On the block

In Palestine

I used to drink Ballantine

Till Wu exposed the Steelo

Now I'm thinking long range

Live relive with Steelo

My claim to fame

Flaming rain

Rain forever baby

Raining flames

Flaming rain

Reign forever baby

Raining flames

Raining flames

Flaming rain

Flaming rain

Mmmm mmmh

Reign forever baby
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