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C-Rayz Walz - Protect My Family lyrics

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(feat. Killa Kal) 

[C-Rayz Walz] 

I'ma protect my family, that's my word 

My wife, child, my dogs, cat and my birds 

I got a happy house home, you can't disturb 

You might clapped in the dome, clap, not you herb 

I'm walkin these dogs, puttin in work, got the coroner locked 

C'mon dogs don't be a jerk, and have to bark at the glock 

My brother got his spot down the whole, a hop skip and a cold 

I'm from the old school fam, I don't lock my door 

Ain't no more arguin, negative screamin and fightin 

All that's gonna do is leave the little residents frightened 

I bring home groceries, pack bags, stack cash 

Stay gracious, use patience, don't get mad 

And I'ma be the dad my father couldn't be cause he died 

One of the many reason I've cried, could it be {?} 

I take Bacardi shots, cause the youth is illin 

But I'm +Ravipops+, that's my excuse for livin 

Forgivin myself, for not learnin a trade in school 

Now my eyes stay red like I just came out the pool 

I want my son to learn to build write and read from me 

And not have cocaine plans with weed money 

[Chorus x2] 

I'ma protect my family, that's my word 

Livin on the corner left that life on the curb 

I'ma protect my family, that's my word 

(No need to get around I got that good stuff at home) 

[Killa Kal] 

I'ma protect my fam, is what this jam be about 

My sons, my daughter, and definitely my spouse 

Cause when the goin got tough, she got rough, no doubt 

All you chickenheads cluckin, break out 

Since July 4th 1993 there's been a change in me 

My baby boy Khalil, made a man of me 

Made daddy think, to stop hustlin in these streets 

Make daddy think, would I live to see my son reach 3 

Even though, daddy didn't have a daddy there 

Daddy's gonna make sure, you never have a care in this world 

Now I got a baby girl 

Born a day after my birthday, Lena changed my world 

And put my life, into a proper perspective 

And now respectin women is my only objective 

See, I used to treat women real bad 

And now I feel bad because my baby girl could get had 



Yo, I'm not tryin to die in the street 

But, my people need somethin to eat 

And, I'm just tryin to feed my fam 

Straight up, I need cash in hand 

[C-Rayz Walz] 

Protect my family, my political statement 

When it's time to get foul, my whole style's flagrant 

When my little girl cries, it's a thunderstorm 

Beacuse of, raw talent, my son was born 

They say God made man (when) man made God 

(Then) man made child with no job, life's hard 

Hard men try to be men, steal and rob 

Damn, man with no plan behind steel bars and guards 

Now the next man's doin it right, doin ya wife 

Doin ya son's homework, man he's doin ya life 

You ruined your plight, it coulda been a walk in the park 

Or a talk in the dark, now it's a union of stripes 

I'm like protect your family, no matter who you are 

It all comes down, to the sun moon and stars 

If you know these degrees then you knowledge me pah 

If you think it's all a joke well hardy, hardy har
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