C-Bo - Deadly Game

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Ya folks got a  gang of priors
 Maybe that's why the one time's be triflin
 Tryin to give a young nigga thirty five to life
 When I ain't even done nothin wrong  off icer
 I have no in fo to offer ya
 He asked my name  so I came off the brain
 Told him  "I'm John Doe and this is my hoe Jane"
 He said  "Smart mouth nigga  don't make me do ya"
 Put my thumbprint in his high tech computer
 My name came back with a warrant, felo-nies
 Now they got me down-town, spread my anus
 Buttock, I'm like, "What the FUCK is it now?"
 He said, "You robbed a liquor store; we know where, when and how"
 It's foul, they got a nigga to' up from the, flo' up
 My mom, in the courtroom lookin like she bout to throw up
 It's a strong armed robbery, strapped in the commision
 at my pre-trial conference, D.A. had a proposition
 He said if I lose at trial I'd get the ? with the L on top
 but take the deal he'd give me five with havin most of the charges
 Hopped on the deal quicker than blast, and said
 "I admit that, but two and a half ain't bad I got getback"
 They sentenced me to five, two I gotta bring
 It's only strike one swing, batta batta swing
 It's one-eight-seven on the D.A., cause they
 ain't tryin to give a young motherfucker no leeway
 Yes yes... y'all
 One-eight-seven on the whole courtroom, motherfuck em all
 You better swing, batta batta swing
 Cause once you get your third felony, your fifty years you gotta bring
 It's a deadly game of baseball
 So when they try to pull you over
 1 - shoot em in the face y'all
 2 - shoot em in his face y'all
 3 - take em on a chase y'all
 Fresh out the pen, unrehabili-tated
 Doin hella good, and my P.O. hates it
 Hates Dick, she's a dyke lesbian bitch
 Can't wait to violate for me for some petty ass shit
 I gotta get a job, so I'm fillin out applications
 Fightin the temptation, to slang nightshift, uhh
 Minimum wage don't get it, five bucks a hour
 don't cut it, man I ain't widdit
 So fuck it, I went and struck it rich, on the dope sack
 My homie gave me two, and told me to bring a fo' back
 Now it's time for me to start havin thangs
 I flips me a Coupe and painted it candy-apple green
 It gleams, clear coat sprayed on thickly
 Fools out to get me cause my shit is lookin sticky
 I'm at the club and I can feel them suckers scopin
 I'm knowin they plottin on me, but I'm still hopin
 that they won't fry me, unless they wanna die
 They will be, drippin more blood, than Mrs. Simpson was
 Sho' nuff, ain't no bluff, here them suckers come
 Got me reachin up under the panel to handle the forty-four caliber
 gun, uhh
 Spun his ass around with one of the fat Magnum rounds
 Got him on the ground makin funny sounds, ohh
 I got a problem, witnesses ten
 Positive identifa-cation
 On swoll in the pen, cellmates with X-Raided
 Now I'm on parole, five years later
 The Bo loc is ready to have me a ball
 Fuck my P.O., I'm goin AWOL
 And you all can suck this dick, I'm sick
 and tired of goin through all this bitch-made shit
 I got two strikes right now as we speak, and peep
 I'm not bout to let you motherfuckers do, me
 I'm petty with a prior, will buy your fate
 With Wilson in the office, you gets no date
 So I'm putting all my belongings on Greyhound bus #22
 Bound to another state, me and my crew
 Unpacked my shit, stacked my grip
 California and Pete Wilson can suck my dick!
 And if you didn't already know, that you couldn't
 trust his ass, just look how he did Polly Klass
 Used her death, and her family's name
 so he can yank more votes, and political fame
 It's a shame, that I'm the one they say is a monster
 Juvenile delinquent, steppin out of sync with
 but FUCK THAT, I ain't goin out, like a punk
 That ain't my style, rip him from his asscrack
 to hit nutsacks now, they wanna kill a nigga
 like me I blast one blast two that's strike three
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Author: ?

Composer: ?

Publisher: West Coast Mafia Records


Released in: 1998

Language: English

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