C-Bo - Big Gangsta

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I see so many murders in these Cali streets
 I load the strap in the battle  won wit death to get beat  who ever
 of defeat?
 When in ??? ???  I keep my eyes on the prize
 Cos ain't nobody killin me  I be the Big Gangsta
 >From up North  no pain  no gain
 Nigga  fuck the fame  slide the chips and serve caine
 Cos I'ma pack a pistol til' I die  bitch  and fuck you pigs
 that got me down on that hitlist, I know you're followin me
 You're round in my 500
 but I commence to shake you piggies while I'm gettin blunted
 My nigga 2PAC died and now you hoes is hunted
 I give a fuck, I'll buck you down and stare, whatever you're comin
 I gun em down like a chump bitch, and leave em neckless, front seat
 like a stamp, bitch, run up and load another clip
 and then I vamp, bitch, this gangbang mentality be havin me amped
 I like to smoke bomb-ator, mean and rush a hater
 Put a rush in gators, shoulda seen when I sprayed her
 Live fast, die early, no heart, no glory
 25 with a L cos the judge couldn't feel my story
 Oh no, not me, I got kids to feed
 Shoot my way out any situation til' death do me
 Part from the streets, it's mandatory, got packet ???
 And I jack it, it's major dope when I rap it
 I'm all in for the paper, big bases I chases
 I keep a Glock on the side of my hip when in unfamiliar places
 I stay ready for ridahs, see I know how they think
 It ain't no killin me before I dump caps in they bod-ies
 We be the Big Gangsta, think quick, like karate
 smash all the pranksters, makin hits like a Got-ti
 Drink nuttin but the best, X-O, Hennessey
 And when I dies, an outlaw ridah is how they remember me
 I bounce into the club, drunk and seein doubles
 That's why I got twin Glocks so I can bust both of them bubbles
 You're runnin from the rumble, this sound is terrifyin
 You're hearin death callin, now you're scared to die
 Prepare for the annihi-lation of player-hation
 You're calicos is blazin, never known for grazin, I'm shot but it's
 Butts haulin on the pavement, holy mother, place him in a casket
 Murderin all them bastards
 Loc'd on in, sex, from ??? ??? sack ??? ??? that's major
 Pain, that 50 calibre and nothin
 That's when we spark that wing that park, y'know the deal, shot stop
 Everybody drop and watch the Bourbon Bill
 You was fuckin with some true, soldiers
 So when the tides had turned, you started snitchin to them rollers
 You got fucked in a bad situation
 My thugs got the L but the po-po's didn't know the situation
 I'm at the peak of my age when niggas, test, hack onto bullets
 thru your vest, and if your funks real-ly, I'm about to cut you ???
 Invest, this game that I be givin, I'm tryin to heal your soul
 So we can all be known for that dough in *?rotty's vault?*
 But if they wanna doublecross, we can do that too
 Take em out the trunk, fully cocked wit two Glocks
 Extendo clip, infrared light, put these vest on our chests
 Murder, death, kill em, oh yes
 Investiagtion on them Mob Figgas, no perpetration
 On the job, my niggas mob niggas, across the nation
 Pacin like a pimp, walkin witta limp cos my, calibre
 holds extended 50 round clips in a server
 Plugged off Hennessey, the doja got me in a zone
 Fo' a ho-zone, mad at niggas, whole hood sewn
 Ridin wit a Tek if you wit reals, set the clip
 With the infrared beam on your bishop, A-P mean on ya
 All soldiers from my first generation just in case
 All the damage left survivors, we official struggle strivers
 Can no pressure make me crack? Sit the fuck back
 Traumatise your whole click, enter this, enchant tricks
 Got they gillholes workin, lacin em wit two textures
 That top-of-the-line impact, regulate on my track
 Smash down on your shit, clown when the truck dip
 Like boo young buckshots be shredded, servin *?clocks-er?*
 Still acts suspicious when it's time for 2-11's, got my pocket-size
 Breakin em my 7
 if the shit ain't skanless, you'll never read my Mafia mind
 Soldiers killin anybody tryin to pull his behind
 Gotta do em bad, I'm tryin to make a million like my big homey Bolo
 It's time to make a killin
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