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C And C Music Factory - Take A Toke (Robi-Rob's Jeep! Mix) lyrics

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"Take a toke (Robi-Rob's Jeep! Mix)"
Posted by: Joel de Oliveira
Date: April 1, 2006 03:54 PM

Lyric >>> "Take a toke (Robi-Rob's Jeep! Mix)"

My name is Joel de Oliveira,
I am 28 years old and
I am from Brazil.

Here I am to request a lyric from C+C Music Factory
"Take a toke (Robi-Rob's Jeep! Mix)"
That I have been searching for and always
No results, not available when I am doing the search.

It is a joke that a lyric like that is not in the web.
It always apppears "Take a toke" but it is not that one.

I am searching for "Take a toke (Robi-Rob's Jeep! Mix)"
Not the other one.

I do not speak English perfect, if not I would write it down
When I was listenig to it.

Please, help me
I know that someone over there, or somewhere

Can have it, and send it to me later.

So it is the only thing I beg.

I will be waiting for an answer

Regards to everybody,

Joel de Oliveira

From Brazil, Campinas city
03:08 P.M
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Language: English

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