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Buddy Guy - Tramp lyrics

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What you call me ?
Ph you didn't
You don't wear continental clothes or Stetson hats
Well I tell you one doggone thing
It makes me feel good to know one thing.
I know I'm a lover
Matter of opinion , baby
That's all right , Mama was
Papa too
And I'm the only child
Lovin' is all I know to do.
You know what, Otis ?
What ?
You're courtry
That's all right
You straight from the Georgia woods
That's good
You know what ? You wear overalls
And big old brogan shoes
And you need a haircut, tramp.
Haircut ? Woman , you foolin'
Ooh, I'm a lover
Mama was , Grandmama, Papa too
They'll make you one
Oh, that's alright.

And I'm the only son of a gun, yeah, this side of the 
That's right, that's what you are
You know what ? I'm no tramp
You know what, Otis ?
I don't care what you say, you're still a tramp
That's right
You haven't even got a fat bankroll in your pocket
You probably haven't even got twenty-five cents.
I got six Cadillacs, five Lincolns
Four Fords, six Mercuries, three T-Birds, Mustang
Ooh, I'm a lover
You're true about me
My Mama was , my Papa too
I tell you one thing
Well tell me.
I'm the only son of a gun, yeah this side of the sun
You're a tramp , Otis
No I'm not
I don't care what you say, you're still a tramp
Don't call me that.
Look here you ain't got no money
I got everything
You can't buy me all those minks and sables and all 
that stuff I want
I can buy you minks , rats frogs , squirrels. rabbits
Anything you want, woman.
Look, you can go out in the Georgia woods catch them, 
Oh, you foolin'
You're still a tramp
That;s alright
You a tramp , Otis . you just a tramp
That's alright.
You wear overalls, you need a haircut, baby
Cut off some of that hair off your head
You think you a lover, huh ?
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