Boy Sets Fire

Boy Sets Fire - (Compassion) As Skull Fragments On The Wall bass tab

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intro (0:04) 3x
G ------------------I
D ------------------I
A ----5----1111-0---I
D -320--03----------I

intro - variation A (0:10) 1x
G ------------------I
D ------------------I
A ----5----1111-----I
D -320--03------7-6-I

intro (0:14) 8x

verse (0:32) 6x
G ---------------------------I
D ---------------------------I
A ---------------------------I
D -0000--0000-----0000--0000-I

refrain (1:00)
G ----------------------------------------------------/2-2-3-3-I
D --------------/5-5553-3-3/5-5--------------/55555555---------I
A ------/5-5-5-3---------------------/5-5-5-5------------------I
D -0-000------------------------0-000--------------------------I

verse (1:18) 4x
refrain (1:36) 2x

bridge (1:55)
G ----------I
D ----------I
A ----------I
D -00-------I

tempo-part (2:04)               (2:12)
G ------------------I           I-------------------I
D ------------------I           I-------------------I
A -------------5555-I 4x        I-3h555555555555555-I 4x
D -000000000000-----I           I-------------------I

G ------------------I
D ------------------I
A -5555555555555555-I 4x
D ------------------I

intro (2:30) 3x

intro - variation B (2:36)
G -------------------I
D -------------------I
A ----5----111-1-1-1-I
D -320--03-----------I

intro (2:39) 4x
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Author: ?

Composer: ?

Publisher: ?


Released in: 2000

Language: English

Appearing on: After The Eulogy (2001)

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