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Bone Thugs-N-Harmony - Jack Moves lyrics

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[DMX, (Layzie Bone) Hook (Throughout Song)]
C'mon... (What...) Grrrr... 
(Yeah) My niggas they are my flesh of my flesh, blood of my blood (Uh huh)
These niggas ain't ready for this shit here (Uh uh)
DMX and Bone Thugs fin to mob on these fools
Jack move thug creepin this grim reap suit
Nigga mother fuck 'em don't love em so buck 'em in the guts
Bitch screwed you loose shoot or lose smoothly
Stick 'em up on they block better drop down
Now hit 'em up with that Mo Thug Bone Thug sho' nuff them wicked
And rough mo' platinum bound sound steady shake the ground
From up under but if you wonder Stack Fifth Dog
Been ready for this blast down like thunder now they all afraid of God
And to the Heaven I raise my gauge in a rage I praise the Lord when the times up that's when I blaze
I'm comin to slay with a double-edge baby
I pray for the Lord he might pin him on me right now we'll cock
Come on well come on nice to meet you greet when he come through the door bleedin' to the hospital
You do what you gotta do rob a fool jack move (Uh huh)
You do what you gotta do even if you gotta rob a fool jack move
Shit you do what you gotta do even if you gotta rob a fool jack move
You wanna work with me you got to do it with nothin' to lose muthafucka
[Layzie Bone]
(Yeah you know what the fuck this is nigga what)
Nigga this Bone Thugs nigga what's happenin'?
Creepin' up out the cut
Nigga we ain't humble nigga we heartless
Lay just don't give a fuck
About nann one of you niggas my nigga we warned you about his comin' let me fall off into somethin' come see the scene and repeatedly dumpin' with this heat
That'll scorch ya ghetto resource I'm bringin' you pain
At the same time good game cause good game recognize no lame take it from a thuggish ruggish nigga up against all odds
Nigga we take what the fuck we want and nigga we rollin' with God we mob deep
With the real niggas keepin' they mind on they cheddar, so nigga whatever you wanna do we can do it nobody can do it better
You better be careful when your fuckin' wit me and my niggas be on some otha shit
Mo Thug millenium mothership creepin' up outta the gutter shit
[Bizzy Bone]
We livin in this sad world, mad world some say it's a sad world
Bad girls'll be bad girls
Pass the ecstasy we gang bang money is what they slang
Come on, watch how niggas run run soon as we get him the world Comes everybody's a thug now what! 
With a slug now what! 
With a blunt what?
Where shadows retaliate it's no love
But I rip with my equipment in a glove
Sure but if I bust we bustin' in the club bloody club
Hear the mission ammunition to get you fucked up, help me pull my dick outta your body baby sip me some
Lose your virginity in the audotorium fuckin' for grades, now she got AID's don't gimme none hit you with some shit you can't run away from dum-di-dum-di-dum-dum
Fuckin' up now let your shit bust shit bust
But it's Rip in handcuffs but if they can't stand us stand up stand up, but if they can't stand us stand up stand up
Now what if you fell in death and there's no such thing as Heaven?
We're destined for destruction for destruction... 
[Wish Bone]
Nigga some say fuck with a thug and you might lose your life
Nigga some say we family we don't give a fuck who's wrong or right
You can meet us in the daylight, in the moonlight step on up let me show you what this Bone feel like
Lately tryin' to live my life but some wanna take it that's not right Bring it just come on if you wanna bring it you can bring a gun on fuck 'em let 'em die we can ride all night all night
Think about your niggas that's long gone
You don't really wanna fuck with Bone, Bone, Bone, Bone
Nine millimeter with my first check I got it
If we ain't real let him step let him have it
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