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Bon Iver - U (Man Like)

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[Justin Vernon]

Mmm, mmm

I will see you off now down the back of the ridge
There's just something that I got to show you
There is domer and there's rot and the common case
It ain't nothing what you say is true

[Justin Vernon, Jenn Wasner, & Elsa Jensen]
With your long arms, try and just give some time
Presently, it does include my dues
Ain't your standard premonitions all this phallic repetition
Boy, you tell yourself a tale or two

[Jenn Wasner, Moses Sumney, & Elsa Jensen]
Man like you
Man, improve

[Bruce Hornsby, (Moses Sumney), & Brooklyn Youth Chorus]
Well, I know that we set off for a common place
(And the lines have run too deep)
How much caring is there of some American love
When there's lovers sleeping in your streets?

[Justin Vernon, Jenn Wasner, & Elsa Jensen]
So Cerberus Ride bring those dead alive
Like Pirate Jenny on the Black Freighter
It'll be a long day of fixing, make something else your mission
Boy, why this shit's so hard to cue?

[Post-Chorus: Moses Sumney]
Man like you
How you do?

[Justin Vernon, Bruce Hornsby, Jenn Wasner, Elsa Jensen, & Moses Sumney]
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Author: Bruce Hornsby, Chris Messina, Naeem Juwan

Composer: Justin Vernon, Naeem Hanks, Chris Messina, Bruce Hornsby

Publisher: Jagjaguwar, Bon Iver


Released in: 2019

Language: English

Appearing on: i, i (2019)

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