Bob Seger

Bob Seger - Simplicity

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It works for me
It keeps me running hard and sharp and true
I focus on the basic stuff
And pretty soon I'm coming up on you

So much clutter crowds our way
Fundamentals win the day

I break it down
To size you up
I see a path and then I bust a move
Before you now
What hit you, babe
I finish it and I'm on to something new

Complex theories have their place
I like throwdowns in your face

It's clear when it's really, really near
And it's everything you need
Lies if you're worthy of the prize
Get exactly what you need

In everything
In every single thing you say and do
Don't get lost in foggy stuff
Stay on track and let it come to you

Keep your focus on your goal
Use that iron heart control
Use your power and your speed
Get exactly what you need

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Author: Bob Seger

Composer: ?

Publisher: Hideout Records & Distributors, Inc.


Released in: 2006

Language: English

Appearing on: Face The Promise (2006)

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