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Bob Geldof - Words from heaven lyrics

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Don't be confused
You're back in time again
It's funny but it's true
They state your case
Praise your name and the last place
Where you lived without a trace
Except that face that shone for you
That faith belonged to you
It saw you through again
Those eyes of Danish blue
Set in pain
We all thought you were so brave
When they laughed called you insane
But now they're saying it was true
Yes now they're saying
These words came from heaven 

I'm happy for you
We've got to laugh again
'Cause when they thought they had you
Stretched on racks
You refused to answer back
You sat still you never cracked
Till they backed down in front of truth
And now they say
These words came from heaven
Straight to you
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Author: Bob Geldof

Composer: Bob Geldof

Publisher: Phonogram Ltd.


Released in: 1986

Language: English

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