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Bob Geldof - Room 19 lyrics

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I feel free 

When I woke up I was freezing
Shaking like a leaf
I was stuck up on a shelf
With the other guys in Room 19 

Then the brain here right beside me
Speaking telepathically
Said "Hi, my name is Stalin
Glad to see you here in Room 19" 

Yeah Tchaikovsky played the music
While Pasternak wrote poetry
As they sliced our brains to study
Why we ended up in Room 19 

Well 'ol Sakharov was outraged
And said "Exactly what you mean?"
And Lenin said "There is no Heavan
So I can't believe in Room 19" 

Set me free, free, free...
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Author: Bob Geldof

Composer: ?

Publisher: Phonogram Ltd. (London), Polygram Italia Srl


Released in: 1992

Language: English

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