Bo Diddley

Bo Diddley - I'm a man

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Now when I was a little boy,
at the age of five
I had somethin' in my pocket,
keep a lot of folks alive
Now I'm a man,
made twenty-one
You know baby,
we can have a lot of fun
I'm a man,
I spell M-A-N, man
All you pretty women,
stand in line
I can make love to you baby,
in an hour's time
I'm a man,
I spell M-A-N, man
I goin' back down,
to Kansas Stew
Bring back the second cousin,
Little Johnny the cocheroo
I'm a man,
I spell M-A-N, man
The line I shoot,
will never miss
The way I make love to 'em,
they can't resist
I'm a man,
I spell M-A-N, man
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Author: Ellas McDaniel

Composer: ?

Publisher: Astrion PLC


Released in: 1993

Language: English

Covered by: Jeffrey Wright (2008)

Appearing on: The Singles Collection (2013) , His Best (1997) , 20th Century Masters (2000)

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