Blue Blot

Blue Blot - with you in mind

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With you in mind
things Just ain't bad as they seem
with you in mind
I can feel my wildest dreams
with you in mind
I can do anything I know I can
with you in mind, with you in mind
With you in mind I went looking for the best
with you in mind cause
you deserve nothing less
with you in mind I've done so many things
that love can bring
with you in mind, with you in mind
Like the flower drinkin from the fallin rain the same rain that could wash it away gives it strength gives it water and before you know another day
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Author: Allen Toussaint

Composer: ?

Publisher: Sony BMG Music Entertainment (Belgium) NV/SA


Released in: 2000

Language: English

Appearing on: Yo Yo Man (1994)

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