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The clock ticks on and on
The days fade into night
and I realize that you're gone.
There goes another week
of playing hide and seek.
Where can you be: I just don't know.
So I wrote down this song I hope you'll hear my call.
Pull me up, don'! let me down Without you I just can't carry on That's why I sing this song for you Every word in my song is so true.
I hold on to love, I hold on to you I hold on to what I see 'cause that's what is true.
Every day I spend with you's like a dream Every night goed into sugar and sweet Had a wish box holding dreams that come true Now that bow is empty since I know you
Ups and downs will try to drive us apart That's a thing I always knew from the start So we got to keep the troubles away Use romance and love throughout every day.
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Author: Jan Meyers, Luc Renneboog

Composer: ?

Publisher: BMG Ariola Belgium NV/SA


Released in: 1992

Language: English

Appearing on: Where Do We Go (1992)

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