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Little schoolboy you got quite a way to go Learning how to write and how to say hello You're pretly good boy when you count from one to three But pretty good just ain’t enough to set you free
Pretty good just ain’t good enough
Just want you to understand
That we always do the best we can
Close but no cigar
Pretty good just ain’t good enough
Little schoolgirl Is looking for some love
Fellows stand in line, you don't have to
push and shove
You think you're so damned good so go and
strut your stuff
You'll find out pretty soon that it just
ain't good enough
Some kind of people always think and act so tough They wanna get it all when all they need is love I think that now the time has come to call their bluff They'll find out what they do just won't be good enough
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Author: Lenny Northover, Luc Renneboog, Marty Townsend, Michael Schack, Schack - Townsend / Renneboog - Northover, Schack & Townsend/Northover & Renneboog

Composer: ?

Publisher: Sony BMG Music Entertainment (Belgium) NV/SA


Released in: 1993

Language: English

Appearing on: Where Do We Go (1992)

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