Blue Blot

Blue Blot - Joe & Emily

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Joe The Boxer was a friend of mine
he had a girl called Emily
she said she didn’t love her Joe
while she was making eyes at me
but the thought of Joe finding out about i
made me tremble like a leaf
Emily wasn’t scared at all
she needed body heat relief
she said Joe is snuggin’ like a bug in a rug
can’t you see I need a hug
do what you do but do it right you got to get down to the bone come to me baby let’s spend the night don t you worry about right or wrong
So we went downtown to Emily’s place
she played some music, poored some win
she was dancing like a devil
in her frilly lace
while l was thinking about
that friend of mine
so we drank some more.
turned the music up
damn lace kept flying around
hut the part of me that was
supposed to get up
well it was bound to stay down
she threw a fit at me and her panties too
and said go )0in your buddy Joe
Do what you do but do it right
frustration aim no fun
get yourself ready for a fight
you got to finish what you’ve begun
Do what you do but do it right you gotta finish what you’ve begun do what you do but do it right frustration ain’t no fun
When I walked out Joe was standing there
I could see it was no surprise
he was waving both his fists in the air
I knew I had to pay the price
he said don't you mess with my good thing
you gonna end up in the ring
Do what you do but do it right well that's easier said than done true when you think you're doing right well it turns out to be so wrong,
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Author: Marty Townsend, Luc Renneboog

Composer: ?

Publisher: ?


Released in: 1994

Language: English

Appearing on: Yo Yo Man (1994)

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