Blue Blot

Blue Blot - closing in on the fire

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In the heat of the night.We were feeling right
closing in on fire nothing left to hide.
we were burning inside closing in on the fire we were moving to the left moving to the right move, move all night long we were reaching in closing in on the fire
aw i'll never forget we were into sweat 
we just kept on climbing higher
we had the right stuff
we couldn t ger enough
we were closing in on the fire
we were reaching up
we were reaching down
Closing in on the fire
burning it up
burning it down
closing in on the fire
We could nt let it go
it was out of control
we were in way over our heads
you must sacrifice
you will pay the price
when you re in way ovei your heads
we were shaking it up
shaking it down
Just shake, shake all night long
it was raw to the up
raw to the down
raw, raw to the bone.
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Author: Tony Joe White

Composer: ?

Publisher: Sony BMG Music Entertainment (Belgium) NV/SA


Released in: 2000

Language: English

Appearing on: Yo Yo Man (1994)

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