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you ghetto
you ghetto (don't be ashamed)
you ghetto
you know you ghetto

You kow you ghetto when you got rats and roaches
the fan in the window, front door wide open
you know you ghetto when you say "i aint offended"
change the channel with some pliers, got a hanger for a antennae
you know you ghetto eatin chicken everyday
with color weave in your hair, and you trickin for a pay
gold teeth in your mouth
out talkin loud
and the car that you drive cost more than your house
you know you ghetto when your job is illegal
live in the projects with furniture like rich people
you know you ghetto when you cook with lard
and the only credit you got is your food stamp card
you know you ghetto when you own section 8
have dues everyday, but you pay your bills late
understand this song, get your jam on
and yo grandma whip you with whatever she get her hands on


you know you ghetto (look at the way you walk)
you ghetto (c'mon listen to how you talk)
you ghetto (look at the clothes you wear)
you ghetto ( haa look at that style of hair)

you know you ghetto picken boogers then you flick em
and eat with your hands stead of washin em, you lick em
you dont know your daddy
and your hair nappy
people catch the Holy Ghost in church gettin happy
you know you ghetto call a crib your house
be at funerals screamin, fightin then fall out
you know you ghetto sellin clothes you stole
and when you go out its like a fashion show
you know you ghetto with a name like Shaniqua
Pookie, red and peanut butter puttin codes in your beeper
when you her stuff, helicopter, city bus
gettin fucked in an ice cream truck


you know you ghetto only shop when theres a sale
late everywhere you go with an excuse to tell
you know you hetto when you pee outside
catch bronchitis, get ??? and sleep tight
you know you ghetto when yall stealin cable
cussin and DJin on underground radio
sayin yo mama jokes
fightin on talk shows
mattress against the wall
aint no frame, its on the floor
you know you ghetto with dreads, doo rags and braids
weaves, colorful nails, afros, half way waves
you ghetto, wont pay back money that you borowed
and wearin an outfit you goin to return tomorrow
you ghetto bettin on a number
usin words like uh huhh, naw, and uh uh
instead of sayin mom you say ma, instead of dad you say da
you see nickel stores, barbeques, and laundromats


you know you ghetto punchin aint playin house right
your kids barefoot, playin outside
eat food off the ground, sayin God bless the church
let your kids drink beer, talkin bout it gives em worms
you know you ghetto borrowin your friends clothes
ran out of water supplies from people next door
you know you ghetto heat the house with the oven
and anybody famous from the hood your cousin
you know you ghetto cussin out your teacher
and when somethin happen your mama say Lordy Jesus!
when you use street knowledge
graduate from school and go to jail instead of college
you know you ghetto barbeque-in every holiday
pizza man wont even deliver around your way
where the gang hang out, cornerstore hang out
moms at the gas station beggin for some change now

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