Beenie Man

Beenie Man - Bad Man Nuh Flee

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Sey badman nuh flee, after dem bwoy dem nuh tough like we
 Some only bad thru dem a walk ina posse dem a fool
 Caw dem nuh see how we lock di city
 And dem done nuh tough like we

 So me say badman nuh wait pon night fi come down
 Anything fi happen mek it happen and done
 Naw catch me ina no bar ah drink rum
 Naw lef me yard careless fi get bun

 Well if you nuh come
 When me pop off den somebody life done
 Dis ya DJ naw go smoke opium
 Well ah run mi lyrics, dem ah flash off ah me tongue
 Bwoy you fi done

 chorus X2

 I rather go on death row, than rough it out like John Crow
 Badman naw play zero, naw lef mi family ina sorrow
 Don't take man fi fool or we go find yuh in ya owna blood pool
 Wicked man dey ya and a mi run di school
 Contious lyrics and mi know dat ah mi tool
 Cause yah we rule

 chorus X2

 Nuff ah dem ah walla wiss, nuff ah dem ah wussie
 How you fi try dis di rude boy posse
 Naw use no big gun, just ah small wozzie
 Reach pon di ends man ah go shoot everybody
 Plus man lock dung di city
 Cool, stop yuh noise now, mi waan you listen to the hay
 Look pon a man like me, wey sho people liek fly
 I must lock him up and give him bun ina him eye

 chorus X2

 First verse
 Hey no bwoy can dis me, caw man ana no rummie
 If yuh dis di program you go jump up on di cd
 When mi come back well somebody have fi dead
 music mi ah sing from after di DJ

 chorus X2
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Author: ?

Composer: ?

Publisher: Pot Of Gold


Released in: 1998

Language: English

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