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Don't feel Confused
So many Religions to Choose
I was raised to Worship and Pray
To the king of the Jews
I stay looking for clues
A Sign from Something divine
I've accepted Eucharist
And Drank his blood
Through Wine
I prayed hard Looking at the Cross
Did my Conformation
Is it God
Who Designed the Universe and
Is it God who blew life Into the lungs Of
Adam and Eve
Was it God that helped Moses
When he parted the Sea
I wanna Believe
I Read the Bible and started to Bleed
It's harder for Me I come From
Generations of the Darkest
People Inherited through Lineage
I Fell into a Darker
Evil due to Circumstances
Beyond my Control
Before I was conceived
They promised Evil my soul
On your Mark get set go
I'm Alive what a Mess
And I relish in your Anguish and Temptations
Of the Flesh Jesus catch me in a Net
And Bring me into your Divinity
The demons that surrounding me have given me
Abilities agility at Lashing tongues and Gnashing of the Teeth
I'm prophetic Having visions of the End in my sleep
3 13 33 Triple Seis
3 13 33s every Place
3 13 33 are my Numbers
3 13 33 is among Us
3 13 33 on your Feet
3 13 33 it's the Beast
Here is Wisdom
Let him That hath Understanding
Count the number of the Beast on your fore head it has landed
Transactions going cashless, transponders are Injected
Walk Across a sea of glass and still remained Protected
Lets be Honest, abomination of the Scripture for this
I am a Herald, Spit a plague and Paint a picture
I got something to Fix ya, forget about Salvation
The Rapture is upon us, bringing Trials and tribulations
No time for speculation
A Son of the infernals, and ima live forever
As long as Flames will burn Eternal
I'll wait a whole Eternity
To gain back my Serenity, I can't believe that Holiness has now become
My Enemy, ahead of Me, in back of Me
Ima Quoting out Of Zachary
I feel I'm Burning in the fire
I hope there is an After life when everyone Expires
Higher Liars, as the Zionist they Conquer
And know That I'm a Beast but I can turn into a Monster
Lucifus I'm used to This, I'll stab you with a Crucifix
These Entities are tempting me and Revelation mentions me
I'm slandering Accusing filling humans with Illusions
The Master of the earth the Lord of pride attempted Judas
I hope you have Made peace with the Sire with the lord with the Christ with the Jesus with the father
With the God
3 13 33 Triple Seis
3 13 33s every place
3 13 33 are my numbers
3 13 33 is among us
3 13 33 on your feet
3 13 33 it's the beast
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