Bear Quartet

Bear Quartet - Leaning Against A Parked Car

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Leaning against a parked car
I'll wait here for the dark
I want the waves to roll in
And everything else to be perfectly still

I just want an overlooked mistake
Through wich I could escape
Soon we're all rationalized/trivialized
Out of our own little lives, it's not even sad

And I can't articulate
What I gave up and what came instead
So why mention
The gravity of guilt
Or the magnitude of love's intrusion

Feels good to be here feels more real to me
To never invite sympathy
I want the sky to swarm with stars
To walk quiet and harsh
Among us all

And I've already said
How I lost my way and fled
So why mention
The gravity of what
I've spilt and every final solution

They can't reach me anymore they
Can't reach but something did
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