Bear Quartet

Bear Quartet - Damn You, All Of You

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When you fell asleep
There in the snow
What if they hadn't found you
And carried you home
Who's to know
You could have become the spot
Where spring originally starts
To breathe and grow

Time moves different
Within every cell of the body
Nobody knows
Where the fatal decision starts to grow

Through beginnings
And ends of failures
Like beached whales
We became friends
This is the curve
Of the wrong road we walked
And in it's ditch I dyed your hair

Time moves different
Within everyone
I said everybody
So who's to know where growing pains
Become established aches

I liked you and
I could have told you that
Now I've told you that

Time croons different
Within every cell of the body
And sometimes
Meetings are hassles
'Cause of the memories they conjure
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