Bear Quartet

Bear Quartet - Before The Trenches

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I wasn't that hurt when you left
Really it's true
It just took the fun out of
Fundamentally bored
That's all
I rather be twosome
But then again, lonesome
Isn't that bad
The part I miss the most is...
God I can't remember
What it was

I'm gonna have the time of my life
Yes I am
I'm gonna have the time of my life
If I can

All the time I wasted on you
What was it for
This time I'll watch my back
Don't expect me to call
I always knew that you were
A two-timing whore
And as much as I liked the making out
Your mom does it better

I'm gonna have the time of my life
Yes I am
I'll build a shrine the size of a life
If I can
I'm gonna stretch myself into the light
If it's there
Way out way out
Away from your life
That I swear
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