Babe - Tommy (is a winner)

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Seven year old kids, raised in the Beatle time

Jacks full of hits, like “love me do”

The leader of the boys, was the special friend of mine

Tommy is a winner


Tommy, Tommy, and you always said to me

Tommy, tommy, where you are I wanna be

But look at me now

Oh, oh, Tommy, dobedo

Oh, oh, Tommy, dobedo

Oh, oh, Tommy, dobedo

Tommy is a winner

Eighteen year old kids, no Beatle songs on the jack

Years ago they split, then Tommy said to me

I have to go I get, a big chance but I’ll come back

Tommy is a winner


The first years I got his letters

Precisely twice a week

He wrote: I miss you, I love you

I always do

But later I got his letters

Only once a week

And now it stopped, I guess

He found someone new

Oh I lost you, Tommy !


(c) P. Koelewijn

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