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Last summer, a young DJ from Brooklyn released an EDM track called "Harlem Shake" on a free website without one single trumpet call. But by February 2013, everybody knew Baauer and his "Harlem Shake" song. More than 100,000 people, from firemen to kindergarten kids, from skydivers to rappers, from sportsmen to housewives, from newscasters to teens, they have all posted clips of themselves performing the weird and wild dance to Baauer's beat. But how much do we all know about Baauer, the man behind "Harlem Shake"?

Personal life
His real name is Harry Rodrigues and he's only 24. Due to his father's job, he traveled the world and lived for short period of times in different countries. Although he was born on a beautiful day of April in West Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, he grew up on the road. He lived with his family in Germany for three years, in UK for four years, in Westport, Connecticut for four years, again in London, UK for one year and back in the States: New York, Harlem, and Brooklyn. Now, he lives in Bushwick and that's about all that we know. However, if his music career will go on flourishing, paparazzi will most likely dig deeper into his past and present. 

Harry Rodriguez, alias Baauer, sensed the attraction towards music, especially for house music and electro, since he was 13. He used to listen to a lot of dance and hip-hop music and this can easily be seen in his music. He took the stage name Captain Harry and release his debut track on BBC Radio but without gathering too much fanfare. Then, he began producing remixes for No Doubt, The Prodigy and other consecrated artists before taking his career into his own hands and inked a deal with the LuckyMe record label in August 2012.
Now, Baauer is making a name of himself with each day that goes by. He is now living his breakout moment, as from a rather unknown electronic, trap and bass music producer who, despite all his efforts of breaking through into the ever-expanding EDM community stayed in obscurity for quite a long time, he turned into a new PSY. His song, which was practically ignored until a couple of weeks ago, when people started to do some crazy dance to it, and put it up on YouTube, has become the latest level mass phenomenon in the whole world. "Harlem Shake" is now a viral video craze, a YouTube smash that will make Baauer and his label richer with $400,000.

Baauer and his hit stirred even much more buzz when Billboard decided to include YouTube data on their charts and "Harlem Shake" went straight to Number One on the Hot 100, knocking Macklemore & Ryan Lewis out of the top position, all thanks to more than 400 million YouTube views. And the funny thing is that Baauer managed to become an international sensation without even releasing an official video for his smashing hit. The only official version on YouTube is an audio-only track, so it's understandable why his storming success raised so many questions. 

Baauer has now been included in the U.S. top 200 by the DJ List and he is well known as one of the finest DJs in the game of trap music. He hypes up crowds better than any other DJ in this country and if he is going to release another track at least half successful as "Harlem Shake" is, his place in the EDM community will be well cemented. In our opinion, Baauer is a name that will be heard for a long time as his upcoming songs will most likely throw the world's charting system for a loop.
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